Benefits of going ahead with warm bamboo massage training

Bamboo massage is an innovative and unique way to provide a deep tissue massage using heated bamboo to roll, knead and massage muscle tissue for numerous benefits including sensations of relaxation and well-being. This is a new technique practiced in very few wellness spas so undertaking a course in the warm bamboo massage is something that is truly going to make you stand out from your competitors and provide your client base with a unique approach to massage relaxation therapy.


It is only recently though that the benefits of ancient forms of therapy such as bamboo massage are becoming more clearly appreciated and scientifically understood. Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese cultures have always believed in the benefits withheld in the bamboo, such as life energy, prosperity, longevity, sexuality, and even fertility. Today, the bamboo massage is considered a high end form of massage and the latest exotic treatment in this particular field.

For your clients this is a therapy that is going to keep them coming back for more. Like any form of massage therapy, there are numerous benefits. Whether it be physical, mental or emotional. The warm bamboo massage is well renowned for providing a very deep sense of relaxation and inner wellbeing in both the body and the soul which in turn, can eliminate the daily struggles around stress and anxiety. In addition to promoting good overall health it can help with specific health problems which are a reason that will result in many possible clients showing great interest in your treatments. For example, it can help to reactivate blood circulation, relieve migraines, help with arthritic pains and remove lactic acid. These are all health problems that many people suffer with and may have even been directed from a GP to look into some form of massage relaxation therapy as a solution. With this treatment up your sleeve as a massage clinician, you are not only providing a high quality state of the art massage but with new and innovative principles incorporated into the therapy which ultimately, is what people are interested in.

There are many direct benefits for you as the practitioner as well as the benefits to the client which will drive your treatments success. The use of the bamboo sticks as a massage tool minimizes stress on the arms, hands and fingers, while still allowing for deeply effective manoeuvres. The bamboo helps to apply the desired pressure without you straining yourself too much as you would with a traditional Swedish massage. For therapists, this relieves any wrist, arm, shoulder or back pain due to the energy transmitted occurring through the bamboo sticks which helps maintain strength and the massages good condition. In turn, this will ensure that clients return to you for more and more treatments due to the consistency in the massage quality. Essentially, the use of the sticks becomes an extension of the arms, hands and fingers with no loss of range of motion. This can then make it a lot easier for therapists to locate muscle tension and treat trigger points in their client. Other underlying advantages are that the bamboo stick apparatus are very inexpensive and long lasting but is also easy to maintain in the sense that heating and cleaning it is very easy. This becomes an investment worth making. The use of bamboo as a material is also very luxurious and incorporates cultural benefits into your treatments which means both the client and therapist can feel both revitalized and relaxed. Ultimately, the use of bamboo offers a healthy and safe alternative to traditional massaging which not only provides unique treatments for clients but also reduces your risk of incurring long term chronic back pain.

Training in warm bamboo stick therapy is ideal for any therapists who want to attract a loyal and long term client base and who also want to learn new and innovative skills. You can find more details on our hot bamboo advanced training course which includes a set of 12 sticks, online.